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Electromagnetic Calculation Double-Rotor Hydro Generator

This article discusses experimental calculations of a disk generator on permanent magnets for a micro-hydroelectric power station with a capacity of 1,5 KW. The dynamic operation mode of the disk generator was studied. Research and calculations were carried out by computer simulation using the program "Ansoft Maxwell". During the simulation, the characteristics of the induced EMF in the stator winding of a disk generator were studied. The study of electromagnetic processes by modeling a disk generator shows that the creation of a hydro generator for a micro hydroelectric power plant gives a doubling of the speed of the hydro generator, due
to a doubling of the frequency, which reduces the number of pole pairs, the number of windings, and also reduces the internal diameter of the stator core. With the help of these indicators, the geometric and mass dimensions of the hydro generator are reduced, as well as the cost of the installation itself is reduced.

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