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Fludarabine- (C2-methylhydroxyphosphoramide)- [anti-IGF-1R]: Synthesis and Selectively Targeted Anti-Neoplastic Cytotoxicity against Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma (A549)

Fludarabine- (C2-methylhydroxyphosphoramide)-[anti-IGF-1R]: Synthesis and Selectively “Targeted”Anti-Neoplastic Cytotoxicity against Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma (A549)

Introduction: Many if not most conventional small molecular weight chemotherapeutics are highly potent against many forms of neoplastic disease. Unfortunately, majority of an administered dose unintentionally diffuses passively into normal tissues and healthy organ systems following intravenous administration. One strategy for both increasing potency and reducing dose-limited sequela is the selective “targeted” delivery of conventional chemotherapeutic agents.

Materials and Methods: The fludarabine-(C2- methylhydroxyphosphoramide)-[anti-IGF-1R] was synthesized by initially reacting fludarabine with a carbodiimide to form a fludarabine carbodiimide phosphate ester intermediate that was subsequently reacted with imidazole to create an amine-reactive fludarabine- (C2-phosphorylimidazolide) intermediate. Monoclonal anti-IGF-1R immunoglobulin was combined with the amine-reactive fludarabine- (C2-phosphorylimidazolide) intermediate resulting in the synthesis of covalent fludarabine-(C2-methylhydroxyphosphoramide)- [anti-IGF-1R] immunochemotherapeutic. Residual fludarabine and un-reacted reagents were removed by serial microfiltration (MWCO 10,000) and monitored by analytical-scale HP-TLC. Retained IGF-1R binding-avidity of fludarabine-(C2- methylhydroxyphosphoramide)-[anti-IGF-1R] was established by cell-ELISA using pulmonary adenocarcinoma cell (A549) which over-expresses IGF-1R and EGFR. Anti-neoplastic cytotoxic potency of fludarabine-(C2-methylhydroxyphosphoramide)-[anti- IGF-1R] was determined against pulmonary adenocarcinoma (A549) using an MTT-based vitality stain methodology.

Results: The fludarabine molar-incorporation-index for fludarabine- (C2-methylhydroxyphosphoramide)-[anti-IGF-R1] was 3.67:1 while non-covalently bound fludarabine was not detected by analytical scale HP-TLC following serial micro-filtration. Sizeseparation fludarabine-(C2-methylhydroxyphosphoramide)-[anti- IGF-1R] by SDS-PAGE with chemo luminescent autoradiography detected only a single 150-kDa band. Cell-ELISA of fludarabine- (C2-methylhydroxyphosphoramide)-[anti-IGF-1R] measuring total immunoglobulin bound to exterior surface membranes of pulmonary adenocarcinoma (A549) increased with elevations

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