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Humming Can Induce Auditory and Sensory Neurointegration in those with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder

Background: IPBN (Interpersonal Neurobiology) theory puts forth a picture of neuro-disconnectivity in the brain which leads to the development of PTSD after trauma, and is a basis for other disorders including ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Some study of music as stimulation for neurointegration has shown sensory processing improvement, but to date, there has been no formal study of humming for neurointegration. Methodology: Adults with and without ASD participated in exercises via video on a website to determine “felt vibration” and the ability to direct vibration throughout the body in response to music and humming. Questionnaires determined vagal response, emotional and behavioural responses before and after the trials. ANOVA Two-Factor Replication was employed. Results: Each participant engaged in five days of music-listening, followed by five days of two-part breathing with humming. ANOVA results showed those with ASD listened through bone-conduction more than auditory canal hearing, while those without ASD listened through both pathways. Questionnaire data showed changes in both groups. Those with ASD began to hear high tones, associated with listening through chest, neck and head, while those without ASD began to feel lower tones within the body in response to the humming trial. Conclusion: Humming may provide more targeted neurostimulation and integration of sensory pathways for both those with ASD and those without ASD. Integration of the two auditory pathways may bypass the bias toward threat processing in those with ASD, allowing for more complete sensory processing and social participation.

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