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Hydrological Modeling of Musi River Basin, India and Sensitive Parameterization of Streamflow Using SWAT CUP

The Hydrological modeling System is designed to simulate the rainfall-runoff processes of watershed systems. In this paper, a continuous simulation based hydrological model is developed through a distributed hydrological modeling approach for the Musi river basin, India using space inputs, soil type and slopes. The basin is geographically located between 17° 58’ N to 16° 38’N latitude and 77° 46’E to 79° 48’ E longitude. The hydrologic modeling approach includes rainfall-runoff modeling; sensitivity analysis has been carried out using through SWAT CUP Sequential Uncertainty domain parameter fitting (SUFI-2) algorithm for most sensitive parameterization of stream flow. Digital Elevation Model (DEM) generated from Indian Remote Sensing Satellite Cartosat-1 of 30m resolution, land use/land cover derived from the Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS-P6) AWiFS data, and soil textural data obtained from National Bureau of Soil Sciences and Land Use Planning (NBSS&LUP) of the study area are used in the modeling.

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