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Hysteroscopic Resection of a Giant Cervical Polyp with Preservation of Hymen

Objectives: To report a patient who had hysteroscopic cervical polyp removal in a day care setting with preservation of the hymen.

Setting: In a tertiary academic referral center, hysteroscopic cervical polyp resection was performed for a 26-year-old female with menorrhagia.

Patient: 26 years old female with a giant cervical polyp.

Intervention: Hysteroscopic cervical polypectomy, case study.

Main outcome measures: successful hysteroscopic resection of a 5 cm polyp with preservation of the hymen.

Results: Hysteroscopic resection of a 5 cm cervical polyp along with preservation of the hymen, is a more conservative alternative to conventional cervical poylpectomy. The result was the improvement of menorrhagia and patient satisfaction in terms of preserving her hymen.

Conclusions: Hysteroscopic resection of a cervical polyp in virgin females is possible with preservation of their hymen and this should be considered as a first option in patients wishing to conserve their virginity.

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