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IEC 61850 Based Electrical Protection and Control System for Nuclear Power Plants

Using IEC61850 across the Low Voltage (LV) and Medium
Voltage (MV) protection systems allow the implementation of a
number of advanced features such as logic selectivity interlocking
when a short circuit occurs. In addition to improved logic selectivity
and higher overall reliability, use of a single protocol offers a
common interface for plant supervision and monitoring, providing
more and better-quality data to operators so they can run the plant
in an optimum way. This paper proposes the IEC61850
technology based electrical protection and control system for the
MV and LV networks in nuclear power plants. Current practices
are reviewed and then introduce the methodologies of how to
apply IEC61850 in the electrical protection and control systems of
nuclear power plants. Finally, the expected advantages and
challenges will be elaborated.

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