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Investigation of Shielding Parameters for Barite and Boron Carbide Polymer Composite

In this study, the shielding parameters for Glycidyl methacrylate with different ratio of Barite and Boron Carbide Polymer composites were theoretically calculated. The mass attenuation coefficients have been calculated at the photon energy range of 1 keV-1 GeV by using XCom program. The obtained data will be used to
calculate the effective atomic number (Zeff) and effective electron density (Neff) for the same range of energy. The macroscopic fast neutron removal cross-sections have also been calculated. The dependence of mass attenuation coefficients and the macroscopic fast neutron removal cross-sections on chemical composition of
the selected polymer composites have been discussed. Also, the dependence of characteristics gamma-ray shielding parameters for the composite on incident photon energy has been studied. Barite shows up as good attenuating material, while Boron samples are relatively weak gamma-ray attenuators. The effect of the compound composition appears obviously in this study. As well as, the obtained results through this study can be utilized to comprehend the shielding effectiveness of this composite.

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