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Networking Choices: How Hotel Managers can Boost their Learning from Networking

The goal of the present study was to ascertain what was important for hotel managers to experience high levels of learning from networking. That is, whether it was the depth, variety, or type of network. One hundred and sixty one hotel managers in Jamaica were surveyed. The data Generated Were subjected to regression and independent t-test analyses. The study found network variety to be a significant predictor the hotel managers’ use of knowledge from networking to solve problems and innovate at work, not the frequency with which they networked. However, relatedness of such network was important. Therefore, for hotel managers to experience improved levels of learning from networking they should connect more with individuals in the area of hospitality business both within and outside their companies. Hence they should focus focus to a lesser extent on creating networks with individuals outside the area of hospitality business. The study could have implications on how networking is perceived and treated in the lodging sector. In particular, it could result in more effective learning from networking across all levels of managers in the lodging sector.

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