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No More Nightmares: the way to Use Planned Dream Intervention® to finish Nightmare

Planned Dream Intervention® (PDI) may be a highly effective, rapidly learned skill that teaches the dreaming brain the way to sleep through nightmares. Developed by Dr. Beverly Dexter in 2001 and also taught to thousands of clients (including in a lively combat zone), health care providers and also educators round the world. PDI is dramatically different from previous therapies that need multiple sessions, a longtime therapy relationship, continued follow up if more disturbing events occur, and is far more acceptable to the massive percentage of nightmare sufferers who would never pursue traditional therapy or who won't have in-person access to therapy. Briefly, then the successful PDI is: 1) an intuitive emotion-gut creation; 2) might not necessarily be the primary thing of the individual thinks of; 3) the ‘emotional volume’ of the effective PDI matches that of the dream at the purpose where the dreamer woke up; 4) the successful PDI isn't re-writing the dream—it kick-starts the person back to the dream with a way of mastery; 5) if the dream is a few real world event, the PDI which will work might not necessarily appear to be associated with what the dreamer would really like to possess happen in real life; and 6) effective dream interventions are often created from physical sensations or emotions, even when the individual doesn't remember actual dream content. PDI training creates a mastery experience allowing the dreamer to sleep through any dream without waking or acting out dream content, now and within the future.

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