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On Electrochemical Maintaining of the Given Quality of Molten Salt Reactors

A concept for electrochemical maintaining of the given quality of a fuel composition of molten-salt reactor (MSR) is formulated. The correction of molten-salt properties can be carried out with the help of a forced and controllable variation of Reduction–Oxidation (RedOx) potential of any liquid salt mixture by changing its little non-stoichiometry. For this, electronic properties of molten fluorides are studied and optimal managing basic compositions of MSR is offered in using the strong electron influence of molten fluorides on liquidus morphology of these systems which is responsible for ionic and covalent bonds in them. The accent is made on managing the electrochemical potential (Fermi level) in the band-gap of nonstoichiometric molten fluorides by the precise coulomb-metric titration of alkali atoms in a galvanic cell with the solid electrolyte from A+–β”–Al2O3 where A is alkali metal (for example potassium) and liquid-lead working electrode.

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