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Review on Tropical Heamonchoisis in Sheep and Goats and Diagnositic Techniques, Famacha and Postmortem Adult Parasitic Count, Treatment, Prevention and Control

Infections with gastrointestinal nematodes, particularly Haemonchus contortus, are one of the leading causes of severe economic losses in sheep production around the world. The FAMACHA_ system, which categorizes the color of the conjunctivae from red to pale, has been described as one way for diagnosing H. contortus infections. Due to the lack of a blood-feeding parasite when H. contortus is not the main parasite, the FAMACHA_ chart may not be effective for detecting nematode infections. Otherwise, breed-specific variances in mucosa color could be to blame for the FAMACHA_ system's shortcomings. The objectives of this study was to show that the FAMACHA technique may effectively manage Haemonchosis sp. In sheep and goats, for given the impact of the worms on global reduction worm burden to maximize sheep and goat industries, also, to increase the production and productivity of sheep and goats. There is actual relationship of egg count and worm load, for comparison of an accurate postmortem analysis analysis of intestinal helminths with concurrent faecal egg counts, this recommended to use The FAMACHA © card that has five classifications based on the color of the ocular conjunctiva, ranging from bright red (probably normal) to pale white (probably anemic), each of which is linked to a specific range of hematocrit values. This is successful strategic control of Gastrointestinal Nematode (GIN) infection and reduction anthelminthic resistance. In conclusion, The FAMACHA method can be recommended as a tool for monitoring Haemonchosis in sheep and goats since it is effective in indicating the degree of anemia, lowering the need for deworming. Before using FAMACHA should training farmers and users of this card.

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