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Salt Accumulation in Inter-Dune Lowland in Mu Us Sandy Land of China

In Mu Us sandy land, China, moderate salt accumulation may be occurring even without salt load from out-side region though irrigation in inter-dune lowland because of the flatness of the land and recent agricultural development which increases the use of chemical fertilizer. Salinity of soil and groundwater were measured in relation to the depth of groundwater. Results show that the shallower the groundwater table was, and the closer to the center of inter-dune lowland was, the higher the salinities of both topsoil and groundwater were. Salinity of groundwater was higher below grassland than bare field if the depth of the groundwater table was the same. Salt accumulation toward topsoil of the lowland may be sustained by horizontal supply of groundwater from dunes. More attention for salinity should be paid for sustainable agricultural development of the land.

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