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Sexual Dysfunction and Work Stress in the Health Personnel of a Hospital Service Ibarra Ecuador, 2017

Aim: Work-related stress is a growing phenomenon that can affect physical and psychological well-being, deteriorating sexual health. The labor practice of professions related to health is associated with high stress rates attributed to excessive working hours, lack of rest, poor working conditions and social pressures.

Objective: To establish the relationship of work stress and sexual dysfunction in the health personnel of a hospital service.

Methodology: quantitative, descriptive and correlational design study, two validated instruments were applied to 65 health professionals: the Maslach Burnout Inventory questionnaire to determine work stress and the questionnaires of the International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5) sex male and the Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI). The correlation of work stress and sexual dysfunction of the staff was established through the Pearson test.

Results: 32.31% of the health personnel presented work stress and 67.69% tendency to present stress. 66.67% of male staff reported presenting a normal erectile function, 29.63% average erectile dysfunction, and 3.70% severe erectile dysfunction. 70.49% presented Normal Female Sexual Function, 21.14% Moderate Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD), and 8.37% Severe Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). In Pearson’s test in SPSS it had a significance of 0.034; value less than p = 0.05, established as an indicator for this study, there being statistical evidence that allows to affirm that work-related stress is related to sexual dysfunction.

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