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The Annual Effective Dose of Natural Radioactivity Intake from Animal Products Consumption in Phosphate Polluted Area

Due to the close correlation between environmental radiation
protection and human health protection, the normal radiological
activity of 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K were measured in samples of beef and milk as an animal products. The measurements were performed using a gamma spectrometer to measure those animal products collected from four different regions, namely Mahammid, Cap, Helal and Nesrab in Upper Egypt. The uptake of these radionuclides was estimated from animal food, clover, straw, and water. Results showed that the concentration of 226Ra, 232Th was lower than the permissible values. The total annual dose of natural radionuclides was estimated as a result of the consumption of the population in those areas contaminated with phosphates for animal products. The total effective annual dose of beef consumption was estimated are 1.868, 1.889, 1.644, 1.756 µSv/yr in the studied areas respectively. Since the concentration of radionuclides 226Ra, 232Th, 40K in milk is higher than in beef, the total annual effective dose of milk consumption was higher than beef consumption. The effective annual dose was less than the annual permissible dose for the public. The obtained results indicating that a safe consumption of an animal products in the area under investigation.

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