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The Influence of Christianity in the Process of Acceptance of Homosexuality: Guilt and Apostasy

The trilogy of the money, sex, and power has always been actual. Only a naïve or an demagogic vision would be able to deny the influence of them inside the churches. Sex and corruption scandals and false prophets with messianic and dictatorial postures are spread among us, grossly opposing the Gospel. A Christianity that does not have Jesus Christ in its core will demand a clear and common enemy to gather all the flock and, through fear and hatred, keep it together in the practice of tithing and, nowadays, serving as political support to the ones appointed by their religious leaders. In a confused Christianity so that typical of Brazil, the elected enemy once were the Catholic, later the Freemasons, the Spiritualist, the Communists, and, in the last ten years, the homosexuals and the LGBT movement which are blamed for cases of pedophilia by Christian leaders in this country. Our goal here is not to prove the coherence or not of such gospel “jihad” though the analysis of the canonical books searching for answers, instead will try to understand who and how many of such people there are there the connection between pedophilia and homosexuality, to be aware of what they have been through in their pursuit of correcting their sexual drive, with their religious dilemma when facing the Christian intolerance, and their subsequent apostasy.

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