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The Study of Dimensional Flow of Particles and Calculation of Drag Coefficients under Different Viscosity Fluids

An experimental study was conducted to find the drag coefficient of small spheres of diameter 5.0, 3.45, 5.7, 5.45, and 5.20 mm under ethylene glycol, castor oil, and glycerol. Six liquids with different viscosities and densities are used so as to explore a large range of Reynolds numbers. The tubes are divided into different zones of known length. Different spherical balls of various materials and diameters are taken to observe the drag coefficient. The materials of the spherical balls are made up of glass and steel. The setup also included a stopwatch to determine the time duration of various distance intervals, a measuring scale to measure the distance of the intervals on the cylindrical tubes, a screw gauge to note down the diameters of the various spherical balls, a thermometer to note down the temperature.

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