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Toxicity and Remediation of Radioactive Pollutants

Radioactive wastes considered the most threats to the present and coming humankind, simply because of its widely spreading, the longlived of most radioactive pollutants, and its severity toxic impacts. The present chapter details the radioactive wastes definition and their categories, in addition to their sources and risks. Radiation exposure is regulated on the assumption that any exposure carries some risk of a health effect. Evaluation of radioactive pollutants toxicity, indefinitely, is a complicated and hard task and depends, mainly, on the radiotoxicity of radioisotope contented in the generated wastes. The nuclear and radioactive waste hierarchy works based on well-established disposed safety standards rules for their management. Those rules and guidelines are progressed by international and national organisations and recommended under a framework of co-operative plans to aid countries to develop and sustain national safety standards. Insignificant, improper and illegal management of the hazardous radioactive wastes affect seriously human health and his surrounding ecosystems and put human being under the threats of infections, toxic impacts and hurts besides the extensive environmental damages. The candidate standards put forward to ensure the safety of the citizens and his environment, both now and for the future. Therefore, it is recommended that more researches, studies and efforts have to be undertaken through the United Nations to raise awareness of the radioactive hazard wastes problems, encouraging national and international cooperative action plans, and to find the solutions, especially, in the low-income countries.

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