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Awards 2020, J Forensic Toxicol Pharmacol Vol: 8 Issue: 2

2020 Awards on Forensic Research

Dr. Ahmed Hegazi

Professor, Microbiology and Immunology, National Research Center, Egypt, E-mail:

Keywords: Forensic Criminology, Forensic Death Investigation

3rd International Conference Forensic Research and Technology 2020 Awards

Meetings International & Forensic Research & Technology 2020 offers several awards given to recognize outstanding scholarly contributions to the field of international studies. These awards have different committees, nominating procedures and submission deadlines. They recognize Best Key Note Speaker Award, Outstanding Speaker Award, Best Organising Committee Member Award, Outstanding Masters/Ph.D/Post. Doc Thesis work presentation Award & Best Poster Award.

Best Key Note Speaker Award: rhetorical analysis & Technology 2020 can honours the Keynote Speakers World Health Organization have created vital contributions to the sector of knowledge systems however additionally makes a distinction by his presence throughout the conference. Recipients of the award area unit thought-about to possess advanced the sector through analysis or service.

Outstanding Speaker Award: rhetorical analysis and Technology 2020 perceives the people World Health Organization have created vital and ingenious walks in education system. This honour perceives advancement in instructing methodologies and methods even as in transference address in conference. This honour expressly centers round the individualism and creativeness that expands members interests.

Best Organizing member Award: rhetorical analysis & Technology 2020 can honour the individual World Health Organization has incontestable exemplary support and steerage throughout the conference.

Outstanding Masters/Ph.D/Post. Doc Thesis Work Presentation Award: This award acknowledges people within the early stages of their careers World Health Organization have already created outstanding analysis, teaching, and/or service contributions to the sector of knowledge systems.

Best Poster Award: This award acknowledges people from poster presenters World Health Organization have show their outstanding analysis associate degreed findings for an innovative future. Recipients of the award area unit thought-about to be the most effective Poster Presenter of the conference.


All bestowed abstracts can mechanically be thought-about for the Award.

All the presentation are going to be evaluated within the conference venue

All the awards are going to be chosen by the judges of the award class

The winners are going to be formally declared throughout the closing ceremony.

The winners of the Poster Award can receive award certificate.

The awards are going to be assessed as way as set up and format, intelligence, argumentation and approach, familiarity with past work, partaking quality, message and first considerations, parity of content visuals, and by and enormous impression.


All submissions should be in English.

The topic should work into scientific sessions of the conference

Each individual participant is allowed to submit most two papers

Abstract should be submitted on-line as per the given abstract guide

Abstracts should be written in Times New Roman and font size are going to be twelve

Abstract should contain title, name, affiliation, country, speakers life story, recent photograph, image and reference

Each poster ought to be roughly 1x1 M long. The title, contents and therefore the author’s data ought to be clearly visible from a distance of 1-2 feet.

Expert Level (Scientific Service action Award)

The relevancy the specialists World Health Organization have created hanging duties to advancing in theoretical. it's the foremost prestigious respect of the total collection and is marked as scientific service action award. The qualification criteria for achieving this respect is that one ought to have least of 20+ in depth stretches of association with the relative field move into the open or personal division. The receiver of this respect ought to have an infatuated intrigue and may accelerate in initiating regarding the researching the recent trends and enhancements towards the connected subjects. you'll be able to assign justifying the respect through on-line

Professional Level (The analysis Contribution Award):

The Award for master or tutorial analysis development picked up in psychological medicine field within the overall public or personal half for specialists having analysis information at 10+ years within the field of psychological medicine with most applicable accomplishments. half time analysis expertise would be viewed as star rata. it's calculated from the date after you gained the degree qualifying you for commenced on a degree (either within the country wherever the degree was gotten or within the country whereby the investigator is enrolled), paying very little mind as to whether a degree was ne'er started or pictured. you'll be able to nominate justifying the award through on-line.

Scholar Level (The coming investigator Award):

The Forensic Research and Technology Conference gathering offers Scholar Level Award for the forthcoming researchers, specialists and specialists having 10+ years analysis involvement with the sector of rhetorical. Our gathering would possibly need to relinquish best stage to increase your system by sharing your exploration learning at organizes. Introduction incorporates 25-30 minutes of oral chat on the logical analysis subjects captivated with the subject of the gathering aboard five minutes board exchanges. you'll be able to assign worth the respect through on the online.

Women mortal (The ladies of Science Award)

Forensic 2020 offers a stand-out stage to ladies analysisers for giving latest research stretches out a through and thru examination. we tend to energetically welcome ladies analysisers and Professors from Universities/Industries to World Health Organization have 10+ extended lengths of research comprehension to affix the speak. we tend to area unit happy to have interaction our ladies scientist's people through analysis awards and provide help to ladies specialists engaged improvement and analysis heading through our planned endeavors. ladies mortal will choose justifying the respect through on the online.

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