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2020 Conference Announcement, J Neurosci Clin Res Vol: 0 Issue: 0

Conference Announcement on Neuroscience & Therapeutics

Humberto Mendes Faria Rodrigues

Editor-in-Chief and Founder, International Journal of Psychology & Neuroscience, Portugal, E-mail: [email protected]

Keywords: Nervous System,Neurology,Neurophysiology,Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience,Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience,Systems Neuroscience,Neurodegeneration - Neurodegenerative Diseases,Neurological Disorders,Neuropsycology,Neuropathology,Neurosurgery,Neuroimaging

9th Annual Congress on Neuroscience & Therapeutics will be organized on June 22-23, 2020 in Osaka, Japan. Neuroscience 2020 aims to gather eminent scientists, research scholars, notable neurologist, and educationists and professionals to express their views on the latest technologies, trends, and concerns in Neuroscience. It focuses on addressing the constant effort being made by scientist and scholars to improve the existing and inventing novel technologies for future. The conference will also address the issues being faced by neurosurgeons and patients and the impact of Neuroscience in the world. Neuroscience 2020 conference provides a platform for organizations, companies, associations, societies, institutions, statutory bodies and other authorities and individuals interested in presenting their thoughts on stroke procedures and services. Neuroscience 2020 will influence an appealing moment to meet people in the experimentation field and therefore it takes a pleasure in opening a doorway to encounter the ability in the field, young researchers and potential World-renowned speakers, the most recent approaches, tactics, and the current upgrade in the field of Neuroscience. The target audiences are Directors/Managers/CEO’s, Presidents & Vice Presidents, Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Neurology doctors, Scientists and professors, Neuro research scholars, Medical Colleges, Research faculty, Academic Scientists, Students, Diagnostic laboratory professionals, Business Entrepreneurs, Industry professionals, Brand Manufacturers/ Marketers of Consumer Products, Marketing, Advertising and Promotion Agency Executives

9th Annual Congress on Neuroscience & Therapeutics which is going to be largest platform where you can exchange your ideas and learn novel concepts related to your field from the international speakers as well as the professionals participating in this symposium. We could say we create a golden opportunity for those people to expose their knowledge through this conference. This conference helps to distribute new information, meet with current and potential customers, give a touch to a new product line, and receive name recognition at this 2-days event. World-renowned speakers, the most recent techniques and the advanced updates in the environment are hallmarks of this conference. The sessions of the conference are Neuroscience, Central Nervous System, Behavioural Neuroscience & Neurophysiology, Clinical Neuroscience & Neurosurgery, Neuroplasticity & Neurorehabilitation, Neuroimaging & Neuroinformatics, Neurological disorder & Pediatric Neurology, Neuropharmacology & Neuro-oncology, Neurogenetics & Neurogastronomy, Neurotherapeutics, Diagnostics and Case Studies and the supporting journals are Journal of Neuroscience & Clinical Research and Journal of Addictive Behaviors, Therapy & Rehabilitation.

The past conference of Neuroscience i.e.; Neuroscience 2018 has been held during October 16-17 2018 in Toronto, Canada at Hotel Park Inn by Radisson Toronto Airport West Address: 175 Derry Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5T 2Z7, Canada. Few of the organizing committee members of this conference are Robert W. Thatcher, USA; Denis Gris, Canada; Rajendra D. Badgaiyan, USA; Maria Tortolero, USA etc. and speakers are Omar Ruiz Maciel, Mexico; Panchanan Maiti, USA; Chris Wyllie, Canada. The few feedbacks from the speakers are Robert W. Thatcher: “I loved being in the conference. Thanks for you outstanding preparation for my participation. Looking forward for next conferences”, Denis Gris: “It was a nice meet and we had a wonderful time. Thank you once again for the arrangement. I would be interested in participating future meetings”.

Photo Gallery of past conference link:

Neuroscience 2020 will bring together experts like Neuroscientists, Clinicians, Neurogeneticst, Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Medical practitioners, Care specialists, academic professionals and students from all over the world to share an interest in the genetic pathways underlying neurological disorders, techniques to identify those genetic pathways, and the use of genetics and genomics as tools to develop therapeutics. The change in the act of neurology from an indicative to a diagnostic to a therapeutic specialty has empowered neurologists to settle on progressively critical choices and suggestions for patients. The new activity has recognized needs for examine that could, inside the following 10 years, significantly enhance the lives of individuals in danger of or living with neurological scatters.

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Ms. Jessie Rose,
Conference Manager| Neuroscience 2020
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