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Commentary, J Addict Behav Ther Rehabil Vol: 9 Issue: 5

Easy COVID-19 Lockdown: a potential public health concern for youth with substance use disorders in Rwanda



The aim of this paper was to discuss the potential public health concern for youth with substance use disorders in Rwanda during COVID-19 easy lockdown. Rwanda was the first African country to impose strict measures that may reduce not only the spread of infection but also accessibility of drugs. The nationwide COVID-19 restrictions in the landlocked country were eased on May 4 and public and private transport resumed. As well as markets and shops opened. In all districts, local authorities reminded the community about COVID-19 prevention measures.  However, adolescents’ individual, familial, and social vulnerability, as well as individual and familial coping abilities, are factors related to adolescent drug use and misuse in times of crisis.  Youth with SUDs are often vulnerable and require careful consideration by caregivers and healthcare system adaptations to allow for mental health support despite COVID-19 measures. Research on youth with SUDs in times of pandemics is necessary, as such a global situation could be prolonged or repeated.

Keywords: COVID-19 Pandemic; Easy Lockdown; Substance use disorders; Youth; Public Health Concern.


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