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Letter to Editor, J Addict Behav Ther Rehabil Vol: 9 Issue: 6

Effect of Drug Abuse on Family Quality of Life



As a constant backsliding issue, compulsion not just dissolves people's personal satisfaction (QoL), it might likewise influence their family's QoL. Family QoL speaks to the family's feeling of being together and the associations of their common necessities and their encompassing climate. Various investigations have affirmed the diminished degrees of the QoL in dependent people, in any case, there have been no examinations on the effects of compulsion on relatives' QoL.1 Furthermore, a few exploration reads analyzing the QoL for relatives of people with persistent illnesses, for example, schizophrenia, gastrointestinal and skin illnesses have been conducted;2,3 notwithstanding, to the best of our insight, there has been no examination explicitly directed on the effect of enslavement on relatives' QoL.

In this subjective investigation, groups of addicts who had alluded to illicit drug use treatment facilities to get administrations for detoxification and additionally support methadone treatment in the city of Kerman in southeastern Iran were met. The meetings were directed after acquiring educated assent and guaranteeing the privacy of information. An aggregate of 17 people were met, including spouses, guardians, and kin. All members expressed that extraordinary parts of their life were crumbled due to enslavement of their spouses, guardians, or kin. Encounters identified with the QoL of groups of addicts were separated and ordered into seven fundamental topics (Table 1). The outcomes uncovered that the QoL for the addicts' families was altogether influenced in terms of different physical, mental, social, and monetary viewpoints. Planning a particular instrument to quantify dependent people's family QoL in view of the measurements tended to in this examination will be of extraordinary assistance to additional investigations here.

Keywords: Drug Abuse, Family, Quality of Life


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