Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism

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Editorial, Jcnm Vol: 5 Issue: 2

Endocrinology - Diseases and treatment

Manoj Kumar*

Keywords: Endocrinology,. Hormones

Endocrinology could be a field in biology and drugs that deals with the system. The organs concerned within the system embody the pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, testes and exocrine gland. These glands secrete hormones into the blood. Hormones of the system perform a spread of functions, and a few hormones could have completely different effects looking on that organ is targeted. In the original 1902 definition by Bayliss and oscine, they specific that, to be classified as an internal secretion, a chemical should be made by associate degree organ, be free (in tiny amounts) into the blood, and be transported by the blood to a foreign organ to exert its specific operate. This definition holds for many “classical” hormones, however there also are paracrine mechanisms (chemical communication between cells inside a tissue or organ), autocrine signals (a chemical that acts on identical cell), and intracranial signals (a chemical that acts inside identical cell). A system signal could be a “classical” internal secretion that’s free into the blood by a neurosecretory somatic cell. There are a unit whole sub-specialties dedicated to specific areas wherever hormones work. For example: • Pediatrics medical specialty, viewing hormones in youngsters • Thyroid medical specialty, viewing however the thyroid affects metabolism • Endocrine-disrupting chemicals, wherever chemicals that mimic the consequences of hormones area unit gift within the atmosphere • Comparative medical specialty, that appearance at the means similar hormones add completely different species Sometimes there are a unit specific societies dedicated to the study of those subspecialities Diseases and treatment: Endocrinopathy or endocrinosis area unit the terms used for diseases of the system. However, these conditions area unit usually known as internal secretion imbalances. Medical specialty could involve designation and treating diseases of this method. Endocrine diseases area unit caused once internal secretion levels area unit too high or too low, or once the body doesn’t react to hormones the means it’s imagined to. Some infants are born with secretion issues which will cause a variety of health problems, like low growth. Endocrine-disrupting chemicals, like pesticides, lead, and phthalates, that area unit employed in plastic food containers, will generally cause secretion issues. The most common endocrine malady within the U.S. is polygenic disorder. However, different conditions treated inside medical specialty embody pathology, menopause, obesity, short stature, thyroid malady, high blood pressure and physiological condition. There are 3 broad groups of endocrine disorders: • A gland does not produce enough of its hormones. This is known as endocrine gland hypo secretion • A gland produces too much of its hormones, also referred to as hypersecretion • Tumors develop within the endocrine glands. They’ll be malignant, or cancerous, however they’ll even be benign, or noncancerous. Diagnosis usually encompasses evaluating for a spread of symptoms and needs data of clinical chemistry and organic chemistry. Several laboratory tests are also used, together with diagnostic imaging. Managing these diseases usually needs semi-permanent treatment and will involve treating the patient as an entire and maintaining observation of changes at the cellular or molecular level. Treatments usually involve dominant the number of internal secretion the body produces, and, in cases of internal secretion deficiency, the employment of internal secretion supplements.

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