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Editorial, J Forensic Toxicol Pharmacol Vol: 9 Issue: 3

Forensic Science - Types


Forensic science is known as criminalistics. The ancient world lacked standardized forensic practices which enabled criminals to escape punishment. Criminal investigations and trials relied heavily on witness testimony and forced confessions.

Development of Forensic Science

Medical Practitioners in army and university settings began together information on cause and manner of death of 16th century. Criminal investigation became more evidence-based rational procedure, use of torture to force confessions was curtailed and other powers of occult largely ceased to influence court decisions.


Toxicology defined as science of poisons. It is scientific discipline, which overlaps biology, chemistry pharmacology & medicine. Toxicology involves study of adverse effects of chemical substances on living organisms and  practice of diagnosing and treating exposures to toxins and toxicants

Keywords: Toxicology

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