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Commentary, J Hydrogeol Hydrol Eng Vol: 0 Issue: 0

Groundwater Usually Happens in Distinct Horizons that Square Measure Separated the One from the Opposite by Impervious Layers

Unai Tamayo*

Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS), Dhaka, Bangladesh

*Corresponding author: Unai Tamayo, Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies (BCAS), Dhaka, Bangladesh, E-mail:

Received date: 01 November, 2021; Accepted date: 16 November, 2021; Published date: 25 November, 2021

Keywords: Ecohydrology, Hydrochemistry, Hydroinformatics, Hydrometeorology


The application of atom techniques to the geophysics of crystalline rocks has recently gathered momentum. On the one hand this has been thanks to the actual fact that, in several areas, water in broken crystalline rocks is that the solely supply of provide. However, normally these rocks square measure unable to transmit vital volumes of groundwater. Within the extreme state of affairs of basically no groundwater flow, these rocks square measure of interest as potential host rocks for storage of radioactive material. In conjunction with alternative hydrological and traditional strategies, one could expect associate raised use of atom techniques not solely within the assessment of potential sites for storage of radioactive material, however additionally for the disposal of municipal wastes. Groundwater usually happens in distinct horizons that square measure separated the one from the opposite by impervious layers. one in all the water-bearing horizons could contain water of inferior quality, like high salinity, and it's necessary to grasp whether or not this poorer quality water is leaky to the opposite water-bearing horizon, or aquifer, that is being employed as a provider of water. One a part of the study in Qatar cited earlier during this article forbidden this sort of downside. The inferior quality of water from variety of wells within the south-western a part of the country was well-tried to flow from to the discharge of salt water from associate underlying deeper formation. However, for a few wells it absolutely was shown that seawater additionally contributed to the salinity downside.

The global concern for conservation of energy and development of different energy sources has prompted exploration for heat energy resources. Stable isotopes will facilitate offer info on the origin of the energy waters. However, the key question within the assessment of any system is that the temperature of the fluid. this can verify whether or not the fluid is wont to turn out electricity or whether or not it's appropriate just for domestic and agricultural area heating. Atom geothermometers is also wont to estimate temperatures at depth. The principle depends upon the actual fact that the distribution of isotopes among the phases and elements of a energy system may be a operate of temperature. Therefore from measurements of a given atom in 2 elements associate estimate of the temperature is also derived. Associate example of associate atom geothermometer is that the sulphate-water exchange reaction during which the oxygen-18 distribution is measured. This geothermometer has been utilized in variety of various energy fields in numerous elements of the globe. The Agency has already been concerned within the use of atom techniques in energy exploration in, for instance, Costa Rica, India, Italy, Mexico, and Thailand.

Isotope techniques square measure currently a long time tool for the hydrologist. a number of the techniques will offer distinctive info that is inaccessible by alternative strategies. Though a lot of work remains to be done on the refinement of existing strategies and development and proving of recent techniques, there remains a necessity for continued effort to transfer the information of already established techniques to the developing countries. During this respect the Agency's efforts square measure profiting from specific money contributions from some Member States like Australia and therefore the Federal Republic of Germany.

Initially, the samples were measured by a number of the comparatively few national hydrogen laboratories that existed at that point. However, this arrangement couldn't deal with the analytical load and moreover there was a visible would like for a global comparison of measurements to make sure standardization. The Agency therefore established a low-level hydrogen laboratory, with sizable support from the u. s. nuclear energy Commission within the time period. The samples from the precipitation survey weren't solely analyses for hydrogen, however additionally for hydrogen atom and oxygen-18.

Although it had been renowned for a protracted time that the concentrations of those isotopes in natural waters varied, precise study solely extremely became potential with the arrival of the massspectrometer, simply a number of years before the precipitation study got below manner. At associate early stage the Agency recognized that the introduction and development of those new techniques needed shut collaboration between atom specialists and hydrologists. Not solely was the staffs enlarged to incorporate hydrologists, however associate agreement was reached with Food and Agriculture Organization in 1961 to introduce atom techniques in giant scale groundwater comes funded by the world organization Development Programmer. The agreement, including compensation of Agency prices, was one in all the primary samples of inter-organization collaboration within the world organization system.

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