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Commentary, J Addict Behav Ther Rehabil Vol: 7 Issue: 1

Resilience and Chronic Disease: A Systematic Review

Cal SF1* and Santiago MB2

1Clinical Psychologist, Doctor and Master in Medicine and Human Health, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

2Rheumatology Ambulatory, Bahian School of Medicine and Public Health, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

*Corresponding Author : Sílvia Fernanda Cal
Clinical Psychologist, Doctor and Master in Medicine and Human Health, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
Tel: (55) 7133412320
[email protected]br

Received: February 02, 2018 Accepted: February 20, 2018 Published: February 27, 2018

Citation: Cal SF, Santiago MB (2018) Resilience and Chronic Disease: A Systematic Review. J Addict Behav Ther Rehabil 7:1. doi: 10.4172/2324-9005.1000176


Resilience (RS) may be an important factor in disease prevention and health promotion. RS has an impact on the treatment of various chronic diseases and the symptomatology of chronic disease may be related to psychological processes such as stress, RS, and mental illness like depression and anxiety. Adverse conditions can act as risk factors; these are occurrences of stress capable of interfering in the progression of the disease and quality of life. Protective factors are more important than risk factors with respect to RS. Also, resilience may influence the process of illnesses and health outcomes. Psychological interventions are needed to promote RS.

Keywords: Resilience; Protection factors; Risk factors; Chronic disease

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