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Opinion Article, J Hydrogeol Hydrol Eng Vol: 11 Issue: 2

River Water Quality by Using Multivariate Analysis and Water Quality Index (WQI)

Wang Qiang*

Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

*Corresponding Author: Wang Qiang

Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

E-mail:[email protected]

Received: 15 January, 2022, Manuscript No. JHHE-22-59621;
Editor assigned: 17 January, 2022, PreQC No. JHHE-22-59621 (PQ);
Reviewed: 28 January, 2022, QC No JHHE-22-59621;  
Revised: 07 February, 2022, Manuscript No. JHHE-22-59621 (R); 
Published: 17 February, 2022, DOI: 10.4172/2325-9647.1000219

Citation: Qiang W (2022) River Water Quality by Using Multivariate Analysis and Water Quality Index (WQI). J Hydrogeol Hydrol Eng 11:2.

Keywords: River Water Quality, Water Quality Index (WQI)


This look at specializes in water assets management and shows the need to enforce the prevailing global bilateral agreements and to put into effect the Water Framework Directive of the European Union for you to improve the water amount and great acquired by a downstream united states of a common watershed, like hydrographical basin, shared by way of two nations. The spatial fashion of Water Quality Index (WQI) and its sub-indexes are critical for figuring out the locations of most important pollutant resources that contribute to water fine depletion in this basin. At Sadova Veche and Potoc monitoring stations, positioned on the higher direction of Timis River, the water first-class popularity is good (70-90%), in line with the average, maximum, and minimum annual values of the analyzed parameters at some stage in the duration below evaluate (2004-2014), which make those sampling stations fall into the “lowest concern” category.

The Timis River starting with Lugoj monitoring section till the border between Romania and Serbia the water exceptional is preserved in suitable condition consistent with the imply and minimum annual values. handiest the most annual values reduced, which purpose the medium repute of water fine (50-70%) in any respect other sections fitting them into the marginal difficulty category. The values of the water exceptional index from these stations correspond to the slight class, which might be influenced by the vitamins, respectively, by way of the excessive values of the nitrates from Timis river water, due to the agricultural practices, municipal and business wastewaters, manure from farms, and so forth.

The water pleasant of the Timis River is prompted by way of many factors which includes the quantitative variant of biogenic and natural materials. All biogenic factors inside the water our bodies are the end result of the decomposition process of the natural substances consequently the regime of the biogenic elements depends immediately on the essential activity of the organisms from the rivers. Furthermore this river is characterized by using the presence of several impurities in natural nation with a composition which relies upon at the sorts of soils from the reception basin, waste water spills from exceptional form of users, and the dissolving capability of the gases inside the ecosystem.

Within the water of clean rivers, the awareness of nitrates frequently oscillates between the bounds of a few tenths of mg/l. the principle reason for the loading of the flowing waters with nitrates is composed inside the eviction of the urban waste waters. That is the purpose why the content in N of the river water is nearly double at Lugoj station and the reason why the water excellent is changing from true to a mild repute in keeping with the most annual values. Normally the pleasant water great repute from Bega River regarding average and minimal annual is centralized inside the sections from the higher direction, which falls into the lowest problem class. Downstream from Timisoara till the Romanian Serbian border the water satisfactory repute is deteriorated in keeping with the average annual, most annual and minimal annual values of the water pleasant index (50–70% medium country) so the water first-class of Bega River has a slight status on the go out of our us of a weaker compared with Timis River, which reasons Graniceri station to have a marginal concern regarding water excellent.

River Water

Water exceptional of the maximum critical rivers from Timis-Bega hydrographical basin is an end result of human interest and demographic characteristics on one facet and urbanization and industrialization on the alternative facet. Discharging of untreated waste waters from enterprise, families, and pollutants from agriculture (sewage water from rural localities, from animal farms and from enterprise) are the primary reasons of pollution on floor water sources and groundwater in this vicinity. At the tracking sections situated downstream of the wastewater discharge high values of nitrogen compounds have been identified, more precisely of the nitrate, nitrite, and ammonium ions, which influence the great of the watercourses, particularly that flow into the Tisa River and Danube River on the territory of Serbia.

The waters of Times River and Bega River on the go out from Romania, USA are a great deal polluted because the rivers first-class nation suffers slight depreciations downstream thanks to results of the city sewage, of the city wastewaters, of the rural wastes, and of the herbal reasons including erosion in the hydrographical basins of those essential rivers from Banat.

Water pollutants by nitrates reaches excessive levels because of the introduction of in depth farming techniques with expanded use of chemical fertilizers and better concentrations of animals in smaller regions mainly in animal farming complexes from the hydrographical basin. in this basin the values of those parameters range from one tracking station to any other due to the hydrological regime of the surface water but also to the origin and the behavior of the physical, chemical, and organic parameters.

The anthropogenic factor has a crucial function in the formation and the effect of leakage water procedures on the rivers of this hydrographical gadget. beginning from 1716 and as much as the existing, it has typically motivated the water discharge, via accomplishing several kinds of hydraulic structures, among which the maximum essential are the regulation of most discharges on the primary rivers and the maximum essential tributaries, the overall performance of flood mitigation works, and river mattress law, damming works on the most crucial rivers and tributaries, in the proximity of the maximum essential localities.

In the course of the analyzed period (2004-2014) the assessment of the ecological repute of surface water publications (rivers), present inside hydrographical device has discovered the reality that the most rivers have been observed in properly ecological repute. Concerning the assessment of the chemical repute, one should word that most rivers were observed in correct chemical status and only some of them were characterized by a horrific chemical repute. Regarding the floor water publications which are closely changed (rivers) which exist within this basin, it has been discovered that maximum of the water publications have had a moderate ecological capability the distinction being represented with the aid of the water publications which have had an amazing ecological ability; and from a chemical popularity factor of view, extra than half had a great chemical popularity and less than half of have had an awful ecological fame. Also inside the same period, the assessment of the ecological capacity of the three floor reservoirs present inside the basin analyzed has found out the reality that everyone these have had a moderate ecological capability and that everyone were observed in a very good chemical reputation.

However, the evolution trend within the last few years of the pollutant concentrations recorded on the monitoring stations at the basin rivers has had a substantial lower, because of the measures brought with the aid of the country wide and European legislation, referring in particular to the remedy of the city waste waters and to the discount of the pollutants with nitrogen and phosphorous from the agricultural practices. Within the analyzed length, the confined extra on the water first-rate consistent with the law 311/2004 become due to the zoo technical complexes inside the Timis-Bega hydrographical basin, in addition to the spray irrigation of the fields with phenolic waters from S.C. Solvent S.A. from Margin, which in the interim, although it has suspended its activity, continues to steer the quality of ground waters from this location. Some other source which affects quite a lot the surface and underground waters great from this hydrographical place is waste deposit part which does now not have environment factor protection system.

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