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Research Article, J Addict Behav Ther Rehabil Vol: 9 Issue: 5

Upgrading self-esteem: Effectiveness of cognitive enhancement package among psychiatric inpatients.



Objective: To assess and compare the self-esteem before and after administration of cognitive enhancement package among psychiatric inpatients.

Design & Method: Quantitative approach, Non-Equivalent control group pre-test and post-test design under quasi experimental research design was used for study. Total 60 psychiatric inpatients from selected hospital of Ambala whose scores were 25 and less in Rosenberg Self-esteem scale were enrolled in the study.  Samples were selected by using purposive sampling method.

Interventions: Total four sessions of intervention were provided with 80 to 100 minutes for overall tasks. It comprised of total three sub-tasks and each task was followed by daily assessment of progression with the help of self-care activities checklist for self-care activities, Ferrara Group Experience scale for group interaction and Mini-Mental Status Examination for cognitive functioning. Post-test was taken on fifth day of intervention.

Results: The results showed that mean score of self-esteem (14.17±2.00), self-care activities (3.83±2.34) and group interaction (20.83±7.42) along with  cognitive functioning (18.23±6.07) in pre-test were  in lower level comparatively than in post-test after administration of Cognitive Enhancement Package which is self-esteem(20.17±3.24), self-care activities (6.82±2.31), group interaction (37.90±5.71) and cognitive functioning (24.80±4.12) at the 0.05 level of significance (p<0.05). However, the score remained same or decreased in case of comparison group who only received routine hospital care.

Conclusion: All in all, present study concluded that different innovative psychological approaches like Cognitive Enhancement Package can be incorporated along with usual psychopharmacology in order to promote the overall wellbeing and better rehabilitation for the psychiatric inpatients.

Keywords: Self-esteem; Cognitive Enhancement Package; Psychiatric Inpatients


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