Diabetes, periodontal diseases, dental caries, and toot

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Diabetes, periodontal diseases, dental caries, and tooth loss: a review of the literature

Arup Ratan Choudhury

Ibrahim Medical College, Bangladesh

: Dent Health Curr Res


Diabetes mellitus, is a common chronic disease, and its prevalence in most studies done so far in different countries of the world, particularly type 2 diabetes, is increasing. Complications associated with diabetes impose a heavy burden on many people, especially among certain minority populations. Periodontal diseases, dental caries, and tooth loss also are common conditions in the United States, but their prevalence is generally decreasing. Nevertheless, among important subgroups of the population, particularly certain minority and economically disadvantaged groups, there is a disproportionately higher burden of periodontal diseases, dental caries, and tooth loss. This article reviews the post-1960 English-language literature on the relationship between diabetes and oral health, specifically focusing on periodontal disease, dental caries, and tooth loss. Substantial evidence exists to support the role of diabetes and poorer glycemic control as important risk factors for periodontal disease. Additionally, the evidence provides support for viewing the relationship between diabetes and periodontal diseases as bidirectional. However, additional research is necessary to firmly establish that treating periodontal infections can control diabetes.


Dr. Arup Ratan Choudhury is an exception achiever, specialist dental surgeon, humanist, media compare as well as a noted singer of Bangladesh. Who has devoted his life to the service of mankind, was born in 1952. He has shown a remarkable contribution in management of medically compromised patients and scientific research during the last 25 years. Professor Arup Ratan Choudhury has been Head & Senior Consultant of BIRDEM Hospital since November 1988. At present Dr. Choudhury is the Hon senior Consultant of BIRDEM Hospital & also the Professor of Dentistry Ibrahim Medical College. Dr. Choudhury became the Member of the National Drug Control Board and National Task force for Tobacco Control Board since 2001. Considering all his academic and clinical work and social commitments Royal College of Surgeons of England awarded Dr. Choudhury the FELLOWSHIP IN DENTAL SURGERY (FDSRCS-England). The most remarkable and tremendous achievement of Dr. AR Choudhury is receiving the International Award from World Health Organization (WHO) –“Tobacco or Health “ Medal in recognition of his concept of Tobacco free Society. He obtained BDS from Dhaka University, Fellowship from London University (WHO, England) in Dental public health in 1982-83, PhD from Dhaka University in Dentistry and nutrition –2000, research Fellowship in Dentistry from State University of New-York at Stony-Brook, USA-1992-93.

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