Fooyin University

The Fooyin University is a private university in Daliao District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Currently, the university has about 10,000 students. Fooyin University was founded by Dr. Chang Peng Tu in 1958 at Tungang Town, Pingtung. At the beginning, it was a three-year “Senior Vocational High School of Midwifery,” the first medical and nursing vocational school established with private funds. Dr. Chang Peng Tu was the first Principal. After four years of establishment, the school was changed to a four-year Senior Nursing and Midwifery Vocational School. Being excellent in running a school on the 10th anniversary in 1968, Fooyin was again promoted to a five-year nursing and midwifery in order to cope with the domestic vocational education policy. This was also the first time that a vocational school was ever promoted a five-year nursing school.

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