Jilin University

Jilin University is a leading national research university under the direct jurisdiction of China's Ministry of Education.
Located in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province in Northeast China, the university has seven campuses in six districts that are home to 39 colleges covering 13 academic disciplines, including philosophy, international relations, economics, law, literature, education, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and military science. The university has 13 disciplinary areas, six national key laboratories, and seven national bases for the development of basic science. Other resources include five research bases for and 11 by other ministries.humanities and social sciences, 11 key laboratories sponsored by the Ministry of Education.
Jilin University is one of the most prestigious "Top 10" universities in China, and has research projects in automobile engineering, chemistry, computer science, electrical engineering and biology be identified as internationally renowned.JLU provides undergraduate and graduate programs in law, literature, philosophy, medicine and veterinary science etc.

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