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The University of Petrosani has a long and beautiful tradition, being the successor of the Institute of Mining, which operated in Bucharest over 80 years and in the academic year 1957 to 1958 started in Petrosani. Only a few universities can take pride in such a descent certified by decree of A.I. Cuza in 1864 that established the "School of Bridges, Highways, Mines and Architecture".

After 1990, with the diversification of specialization areas, Institute of Mining Petroşani became The Technical University (1991) and then the University of Petrosani (1995). Taking as a basis the strong academic tradition and prestige enjoyed at home and abroad, our University today provides the necessary conditions for its students to acquire high qualification in many different areas, training is carried out at all levels of education. Specialist training is done in three faculties: Faculty of Mining, Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Sciences. From 1948 until today, the University of Petrosani graduated thousands of engineers, economists, sociologists, mathematicians, teachers etc. Our University is curently training over 4500 students, post-graduates, supported by a team of over 200 teachers. Doctoral preparation is ensured by 19 scientific recognized personalities in the country and the world. The quality preparation offeres students the opportunity to adapt and integrate quickly to the conditions and methods of other countries (USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Israel, countries in South America, Africa, Asia, etc). Everywhere, graduates trained at the University of Petrosani are ranked among the best professionals of the industry fields in which they operate. Reorganization of higher education under the Bologna process, opens broad prospects for Petrosani University graduates to be recognized and to join the European employment market. In 2009, University of Petrosani was evaluated by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and obtained a "High Trust" certification.

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