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The University of Szeged traces its origins back to 1581 with the foundation of the Academia in Cluj (Kolozsvár). István Báthory, Prince of Transylvania, King of Poland (1571-1586), Grand Duke of Lithuania took measures to estabilish a Catholic university (academia – universitas) consisting of two faculitues, Arts and Theology. In 1872 the Hungarian royal university was established and the university operated in Cluj until 1921 when it was moved to Szeged.
Science is the alpha and omega of academic life, and it requires perpetual diligence and a continuous flow of innovative ideas. These concepts form the essential basis of research activities and education, they are fundamental to establishing international relations, and they also render talent management possible. We, the citizens of the University of Szeged, take pride in the fact that due to the results of the scientific activities carried out at the institution, it has become one of the Hungarian Research Universities contributing to progress. The success of the university clearly proves that this well-organized institution is able to meet a wide range of requirements

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