Waseda University

Waseda University started life as Tokyo Senmon Gakko (Tokyo College) on October 21, 1882. In the early years it was also commonly known as the Waseda Gakko (Waseda School) or Totsuka Gakko(Totsuka School), after the location of founder Shigenobu Okuma’s villa in the village of Waseda and the school’s location in Totsuka Village.Around 1892, the vernacular name Waseda Gakko became prevalent, and the institution was formally renamed Waseda Daigaku (Waseda University) upon acquiring university designation in 1902.The transformation to a global and borderless world is gaining momentum every year, touching every sector of society, and universities are no exception. Labels such as domestic and foreign lose their meaning, as universities throughout the world face increasingly fierce competition in their pursuit of the highest-quality education and research.Since its foundation, Waseda University has been sensitive to changes in society while maintaining its core principles. It have fearlessly taken on a variety of challenges and tirelessly pursued innovation. Waseda has been built by our many predecessors and their bold endeavors embodying the founding spirit. However, as face this era of massive change, see it as the mission and duty of today’s Waseda to go further building on this tradition.Thier vision is to lead in global education and research. The motto Best Education, Best Research, Best Community, represents collective aim to achieve world-class results in all our pursuits. 

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