Yokohama City University

Yokohama City University is a public university, in Yokohama, Japan. As of 2013, YCU has two faculties with a total of around 4,850 students, 111 of whom are foreign. YCU also has four campuses (Kanazawa-Hakkei, Fukuura, Maioka and Tsurumi) and two hospitals (YCU Hospital and YCU Medical Center). YCU is a member of the Port-City University League (PUL), and a core member of the Japanese University Network in the Bay Area.
When YCU was converted into an independent administrative entity, the Business, International Liberal Arts, and Sciences faculties merged to form the "International College of Arts and Sciences." YCU made a new start as a two-faculty system including this new faculty and the "School of Medicine." The school has steadily implemented reform towards internationalization by promoting practical liberal arts education as a concept of the university. YCU has introduced curriculum to enhance language skills of students and achieved leading-edge research projects with overseas research institutions. YCU has been working to create a university that attracts a lot of excellent students while keeping the original spirit at the time of foundation, such as the advanced learn-by-doing teaching method and contribution to the community and society

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