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Ales Prokop

Ales Prokop

Ales Prokop, PhD, DrSc
Technical University Ostrava, Czech Republic



Professor Ales Prokop, PhD, DrSc is a retired, Visiting Scholar, Vanderbilt U, now residing in Czech Republic. Nanotechnology development and applications of nanogold in to degrade organophosphates. Prokop has published around 150 peer-reviewed articles, 35 reviews or chapters in a book, 18 patents or applications. His residing at the interface between biology/medicine and engineering, includes gene, antigen, drug and protein delivery polymeric systems; systems analysis of signalling pathways, particularly of cancer (p53).

Research Interest

Algae research; Reactor design and scale up (bioreactors and fermentors); and optimization; Nanodelivery of drugs into cells at medical applications (formulation, functionalization by a targeting ligand); multiscale modeling of complex cancer signaling pathways.

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