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A Perspective on Nutrition and Cancer

A Perspective on Nutrition and Cancer

Research into nutrition and cancer typically involves either a study of dietary factors in the context of cancer prevention, or dietary changes to moderate the effects of conventional cancer therapy. Cancer involves genetic and epigenetic changes that influence gene expression programs controlling cell growth, death, differentiation. Some of the changes leading to genomic instability can be influenced by diet and other environmental factors. In this context, a genoprotective diet may be considered as one that is low in harmful dietary factors and sufficient in protective dietary factors.Harmful factors, e.g., carcinogens, are ones that can promote cancer. Possible beneficial factors include some vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. The B-vitamin folate is an example of a possible protective factor; among other functions, it is involved in dTMP (DNA) biosynthesis and has a role in epigenetic control.

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