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Effect of BMI, Food Preference and Working Pattern on Coronary Heart Disease in the Southern Region of Bangladesh


Background: In present study focused on to detect the effect of BMI, food preference, and working pattern on coronary heart disease aged between (30-80) years old male and female in southern region of Bangladesh.

Methods: Data were collected by questionnaires on the basis of sex, age, BMI, physical activity, hypertension, family history, food preferences, lipid profile test, smoking habit and presence or absence of other disease like diabetes. All data were analyzed statistically.

Results: A total of 240 respondents of male and female diagnosed by coronary heart disease were selected randomly to collected data. Among them male were 188 and 52 were female. This study also indicates that increased body weight, hypertension, smoking, sedentary life style related factors, including poor dietary habits, excess saturated and trans fat, high salt intake, and low-level physical activity may be important as well and family history of cardiac diseases are influential risk factors for CHD. Most of patients’ affected by excessive overweight; 60.1% male and 61.5% female were suffer from diabetics which proved that Diabetic is often liable to affect CHD; 62.2% male and 65.4% female respondents gain heart disease from family; On the contrary the rate of CHD affected male were 73.40% who were involved in normal physical activity level; 56.9% male do smoke all time.

Conclusion: This study demonstrates that increasing body weight, physical inactivity, unhealthy eating habits or food preferences, poor lifestyle is correlated with CHD and males are more vulnerable to CHD than females.

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