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Effect of Cooking Treatment on the Amount of Pepsin/Pancreatin-Soluble Collagen in Meat

Human trials have demonstrated that the ingestion of collagen hydrolysate has some beneficial effects on human health including improvement of skin condition. The ingestion of collagen hydrolysate increases the content of collagen di- or tri- peptides (Pro-Hyp etc.) in blood. These peptides have been demonstrated to enhance the growth of fibroblasts. We have demonstrated the ingestion of simmered shark meat increases the content of collagen peptides in human blood, which is ∼30% of collagen peptide after ingestion of collagen hydrolysate containing an equivalent amount of collagen. Likewise, only ∼30% of the total collagen in the meat was liberated into solution by pepsin and pancreatin digestion. Aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of other cooking treatment on content of pepsin/pancreatin-soluble collagen in meat.

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