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Evaluation of Dietary Formulation of Vitellaria paradoxa and Rana Headactyla Oils on Albino Rats

Evaluation of Dietary Formulation of Vitellaria paradoxa and Rana headactyla Oils on Albino Rats

This study is aimed at evaluating the effect of dietary formulation of both crude and refined sheabutter (Vitellaria paradoxa) and frog (Rana hexadactyla) oils on laboratory rats. Both crude and refined oil samples were initially analyzed for their physico-chemical properties reported as follows; table 1 presents the changes in the physicochemical of both CSO and CFO with refining. The RI was high in RSB (1.470) against CSO (1.4690) and was similar to RFO (1.4680). A similar trend was observed in FFA (mg NaOH/g) where CSO (2.188) while RSB (0.112) and CFO (3.891) against RFO (0.954). The results also showed a reduction in SV (mg KOH/g) in CSO (246.84) to RSB (109.40) and CFO (280.50) to RFO (175.31). The PV (meQ/g) presented a decrease from CSO (7.30) to RSB (2.50) and from CFO (7.40) to RFO (2.00). The final part of the results presented the IV (meQ/g) for CSO (72.00), RSB (54.00) and CFO (37.00) reduced to RFO (32.00).Similarly, the feed formulations were done using standard method and thereafter a pathological study was carried out on the organs.

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