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Feeding Practices among the Infants Attending the Expended Programme of Immunization Clinics at THQ Hospital of Cholistan

Aim: To assess the feeding practices among the infants attending the expended programme of immunization clinics at THQ hospitals of Cholistan.

Methods: Observational hospital based descriptive study design was used. Study tool was an interview based questionnaire. Data was collected by filling the questionnaires. 130 interviews were conducted with mothers of infants. This study population was the infants of Bahawalpur Cholistan. Data was analyses by using latest version of SPSS software. Chi square test was applied.

Results: According to the research 73% mothers were giving prelacteal feed. 63% mothers were giving exclusive BF. 12.3% mothers giving CF at 6 months of age. 24% mothers have knowledge about CF. 93% of infants were malnourished and 7% infant was normal weight.

Conclusion: This research throws light on the different CF protocols exercised by mothers. It likewise uncovered the wholesome status of infants of Cholistan. There are various risk factors that are associated with malnutrition. Improper mother feed and wrong CF practices badly affect the health of infants. Malnutrition prevalence is high in this area of Pakistan.

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