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In Vitro Prebiotic Properties of Partially Purified Asparagus Falcatus and Taraxacum Javanicum Inulins

In Vitro Prebiotic Properties of Partially Purified Asparagus Falcatus and Taraxacum Javanicum Inulins

The in vitro prebiotic effects of Asparagus falcatus (AF) and Taraxacum javanicum (TJ) inulins were investigated and compared with commercially available chicory inulin using anaerobic batch culture fermenters, inoculated with human faecal slurries. The effect of three concentrations (1%, 2% and 3%) of each inulin type and fructose were examined. Changes in the growth of four genera of intestinal microbiota namely; Bifidobacteria, Lactobacilli, Clostridia, Coliform, total aerobes and, total anaerobes were determined using a range of selective media after 0, 6, 24 and 48 hours of in vitro fermentation. Short chain fatty acids (acetate, propionate, and butyrate) and lactic acid development during in vitro fermentation were measured using HPLC. Inulin contents before (0 hr) and after fermentation (48 hrs) were measured using enzymatic HPLC method. Data revealed that counts of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli were increased, while coliform decreased significantly (P<0.05) after 48 hr fermentation and in the presence of 3% inulin (AF, TJ and Chicory inulin) compared with fructose. All inulins at 3% and after 48 hr of fermentation reduced the Clostridium counts significantly (P<0.05). The highest in vitro production of propionate and butyrate were achieved using 2-3% TJ inulin. Results revealed, up to 68% of added inulin and up to 87% of added fructose was utilized by faecal microflora after 48 hr of in vitro fermentation. This study suggests that newly isolated inulins from Asparagus falcatus and Taraxacum javanicum plants have the potential to exert similar prebiotic effects to the commercial Chicory inulin.

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