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Iodine Bio-fortification of Crops for Solving Iodine Deficiency Disorder Problem in Afghanistan

Iodine is a trace element that is fundamental for human health: its deficiency affects about two billion people worldwide. Iodine deficiency disorders are one of the common preventable human health problems. Fruits and vegetables are usually poor sources of iodine; however, plants can accumulate iodine if it is either present or exogenously administered to the soil. The bio fortification of crops with iodine has therefore been proposed as a strategy for improving human nutrition. Producing iodine enriched crops through bio fortification could be an effective way to reduce the deficiency effects. At this time use of iodine organic fertilizer and study of the iodine translocation to different parts of the crop is recommended. In vegetables tomato, cabbage, lettuce, carrot and potato can be used for the bio fortification purpose. This review is conducted to find cost effective, easy and sustainable solutions for the government of Afghanistan to overcome the iodine deficiency problem throughout the country.

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