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Picky Eating and the Associated Nutritional Consequences

Picky eating is a general term to identify individuals who have powerful food preferences, a limited food intake, a restricted consumption of vegetables and who are averse to try new foods. The epidemiology of picky eating is challenging to account for, because there is no universally approved definition. However in 2015, a study conducted in the Netherlands involving 4,018 individuals revealed the prevalence of picky eating was 26.5% at 18 months old, 27.6% at 3 years old, and it has been decreased to 13.2% at 6 years old. The concluding data of that study stated that picky eating is commonly a temporary behavioral trait that is normal in preschool children. This review paper addresses the possible causes of picky eating, the nutrient gaps associated with a picky eater's diet, the long term health outcomes of picky eating, and the potential treatments, specifically for children.

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