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Sensory Quality and Shelf life of Nectarine (Prunus persica (L.) Batsch var. Nucipersica) Fruits Influenced by Calcium Chloride Dipping and Beeswax Coating

This study was conducted to assess the sensory quality and shelf life of nectarine fruits influenced by calcium chloride dipping and beeswax coating. The experiment was done under Holeta condition during the off season of 2018. Nectarine fruits of variety ‘89N-16N’ were harvested from holeta agricultural research center orchard and subjected to the combination of four levels (0%, 1.5%, 3.0%, and 4.5%) of CaCl2 and three levels (0%, 3%and 6%) of beeswax. The experiment was then arranged in completely randomized design with factorial arrangement in three replications, and all the treatments were stored at ambient condition. The data were collected every five days interval. The result revealed that, the sensory qualities and shelf life of nectarine fruits were positively affected by CaCl2 dipping and beeswax coatings. The best results were consistently obtained from the combination of 3.0% beeswax and 4.5% CaCl2 for most of the sensory quality attributes and storage periods. Hence, CaCl2 dipping and beeswax coatings particularly, 3% beeswax+4.5% CaCl2, could be considered for maintaining the sensory quality and extending the shelf life of nectarine fruits.

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