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Social Media Enhanced Food Safety Information: Decreases Spreading or Immerging of Outbreak Covid-19 Aspects


In the age of social media, epidemics, and disasters show not only destruction and disorder in the material world but also quick a flood of knowledge, information, advice, and opinions to billions of internet consumers about personal hygiene and food safety. The world as a whole is combating a savage pandemic due to the corona virus disease (COVID-19). The scientific and medical community is trying to resolve and acquire productive strategies that can stop virus expansion. The term “Social media information to consumers about food safety and personal hygiene before/after COVID-19 every day, every week” applied on Google (April 18, 2020) to find results. Social media highlights that social distancing and hygiene precautions are the best practices for reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission, but how much best “if the effort to provide information about food safety and personal hygiene was increased in normal circumstances before outbreak”? In this study, we inspect the alternative narratives around the coronavirus outbreak through social media platforms. One suitable strategy, “A complementary message related to food safety and personal hygiene to every mobile (in respective language), reduces the risk of transmission of the outbreak and in normal circumstances reduce the emergence of an outbreak”.

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