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Terrace Farming: A Way to Eliminate Food Scarcity

As the population of Indian cities are increasing, demand for food and expenditure also increasing. However, the resources are limited as farmland converts into residential, commercial or industrial space. This limits the risk of growing more and more diverse foodstuffs. Urban Agriculture (UA) has the ability to support inner-city populations by reducing food transport distances, raising food production awareness, and enhancing nutrition, health, and economic status. Contamination of food such as toxic chemical fertilizers and use of pesticides, etc., again grows at an unprecedented pace. In this situation, the establishment of growing vegetables on the roof top can be a feasible and possible option to solve these problems and find a way out. Rooftop vegetable farming can fulfil food demand by providing quality and hygienic vegetables, lowering household spending on vegetables, improving air quality and absorbing carbon from the environment, and reducing the effects of climate change.

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