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The Efficacy of Community Based Intervention on Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity has become a prevalent. The numbers have vastly increased over the past decade and are only growing. The rise in childhood diseases, illnesses, medication dependency, suicide and depression has also been trending north. The lack of exercise, nutritional intake and positive support system can be to blame. The aim of this manuscript is to examine the efficacy of community based interventions on reducing the prevalence of childhood obesity. The articles showed improved BMI scores, improved body composition along with improved behavioral factors, adherence for healthy food consumption and physical activity. The articles used Randomized Controlled Trials and systemic reviews, these articles implemented nutrition and exercise education sessions for parents and children, others also used the children’s educational system to influence adherence by increasing physical activity and providing healthier cafeteria options, more community based interventions are needed to reduce childhood obesity, reduce health care cost and provide a better future for our children.

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