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The Growth Possibility and Yield of the Vegetable Mizuna (Brassica Juncea var Japonica) in Open-Air Hydroponics


For the first time the influence of the nutrition surface of 100, 90, 80, and 70 (plants/m2) on the mizuna’s growth, development and productivity (efficiency) was studied in open-air hydroponics conditions. It was revealed that during 2 vegetation periods the variant of 90 plants/m2 nutrition surface provides favorable conditions (1.3 times-2.1 times) for the high yield of mizuna in hydroponic culture. At the same time, plant raw material, received in conditions of different planting concentrations, exceeded soil culture 1.1 times-2.3 times. In mizuna leaves the amount of Ca was higher in 9%-64% in the variants of 80 plants/m2 and 90 plants/m2 nourishment surface. Although the low content of Vitamin C was observed in a variant 90 plants/m2 (in 24%-46%), but it wasn’t inferior the 100 plants/m2 and 70 plants/m2 varieties with the output, at the same time it exceeded the other variants 1.4-1.7 times.

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