Birke Bartosch, PhD

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Research Director (DR2)
Cancer Research Center Lyon,

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The incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is very high, treatment options remain limited and mortality due to HCC is further increasing in contrast to most other cancers. Fibrosis, which is excessive scar tissue that accumulates in the liver due to ongoing oxidative stress and inflammation, is a major risk factor for HCC, but currently no fibrosis treatment is available. Amongst the major causative agents of liver fibrosis/HCC are hepatitis B and C viruses and obesity/metabolic syndrome. Metabolic alterations, induced by hepatitis viruses or due to obesity/diabetes are important triggers of oxidative stress and inflammation. The objectives of Dr Bartosch’s team focus on the molecular mechanisms by which hepatitis viruses induce metabolic and oxidative stress and trigger fibrosis and HCC in order to develop therapies and biomarkers to improve prognostics and treatment. Dr Bartosch has undergone post-doctoral training in oncology, gene therapy and virology and she has an extensive track record on viral hepatitis. Dr Bartosch is currently research director at the Cancer Research Center Lyon in France.

Research Interest

Viral hepatitis; Fibrosis; Hepatocellular carcinoma; Virus-host cell interactions; Metabolism.