Ke-He Ruan

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Director, Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacology, University of Houston, USA  

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Dr. Ruan is a medical scientist with multidiscipline-training in clinical and basic medicine, and biomedical sciences, including Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Pharmacology and Medicinal Chemistry. His major research areas consist of the molecular and cellular regulation of lipid metabolites in inflammation, cancer and vascular diseases. Dr. Ruan's projects are competitive as evidenced by his Continuous receipt of grants since 1993, which have included three American Heart Association Grants (Received in 1993, 1995, and 2010) and six NIH grants (received in 1996 R01, 1999 PPG project 4 as PI, 2000 R01, 2004 (Aug) R01, 2004(Dec) R01, and 2009 RC1). In particular, Dr. Ruan's newly engineered hybrid enzymes (with triple catalytic functions that specifically control the biosynthesis of the vascular protective mediator, prostacyclin, and the inflammatory/carcinogenic mediator, prostaglandin E2) have received a great amount of attention from the public. Since 2006, his department's fusion enzymes’ discovery has been reported and featured by local, national, and international news, newspapers, web news, and have led us to file three patents. In addition, the growing interest in these enzymes has brought about invitations to present the discovery in national and international conferences. These activities and their communicable influences have directly and indirectly been transmitted to the Department, the College of Pharmacy and University of Houston, and thereby increased its awareness and recognition.

Research Interest

Signaling Molecules and Drugs, Therapeutics Development for Diseases, Molecular Mechanisms, Assay Development, Drug targets

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